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The Magic Box

The Logman Corner:

Time to get going. Ever wondered how to put a square end on a round log or level off that stump with roots? We are going to take a look in this video at how to do that using a “Magic Box” . The premise is that you need a 4 sided box with no top or bottom. This square shape can be any size that you require the only limitation is that it needs to have one flat surface and be held rigid so that it does not flex, (plywood on the corner should do this for you nicely).

The next stage is to cut the end of the log so that you have a clean surface to draw lines on. Find the center and draw a line both vertically and horizontally and then connect the lines. You require a center line on your Magic Box which you now line up with your center line on the log. The log should be leveled using the center line on the log and you can use a level to level the magic box. This will make the box square to the log in one axis and by lining the line (there are a lot of “lines”) on the top of the log to the one on the Magic Box this will square it on the other axis.

I hope you find this useful, feel free to comment and give feed back. :)


How to Build a Log Coffee Table Part 2 of 2


In Part 2 of  “How to Build a Log Coffee Table” we are going to take a look at how to cut the legs on the coffee table, drill the holes and the Drill bits that we use to do that. We will take a look at how to peel the ends of the logs so that they fit into the coffee table top. Also we will look at leveling the feet and some general layout of the project. Again we will need our ink line or a chalk line to do this. Read more

How to Build a Log Coffee Table Part 1 of 2

How to build a Log Coffee Table

This is a 2 part series on ” How to build your own Log Coffee Table”.

We will take a look at the kind of material that you can use in your log coffee table.  This table is going to be kind of funky and rustic and only have 3 legs. The material we are going to use in this project is Western Red Cedar, the table top is a slab from the butt or flare of the tree. The legs are just funky pieces of the same material that I picked up whilst I was selective logging. Read more

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