Some questions get asked a lot and I want you to know the answers. So, I will provided the most asked questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with “The Log Builders Workshop”?

I have been working with wood for about 30 years and got into log and timber framing about 20 years ago. Over this period of time I have tried many things, some of them worked and some did not. 

A lot of great people have shared their experience with me over the years and now  I wanted to give back and share what I have learned with you so this information can be passed along and not lost for future log and timber frame builders.


What happened with BC Log Stair and Rail Inc?

Unfortunately, I worked with Cedar for a lot of years and developed an allergy to the Cedar dust. As most of my projects were using pressure washed Cedar, I decided that it would be a good idea to step away from the dust as it was beginning to affect my health. 

Occasionally I would build staircases and other projects over the last few years out of Fir but this was not enough to pay the bills, so I have worked as a Financial Planner for the last 9 years. 

The BC Log Stair and Rail Website is still up and running.

Why did you choose to start making videos again?

Much as I find financial planning interesting, its not my passion and I have decided to return to what I love. I may not be able to work with Cedar that much, but I can teach people what to do with the skills that I have. I think that this might come under the heading of those that can’t do, teach. Lol!

Where do you find the ideas for your  YouTube videos?

I look for ideas and projects that I think would have been relevant to me when I first started in the log industry. I try and put myself in other peoples shoes and answer the questions that I had when I first started out and also how I solved complicated issues that arose when building and how I solved them in my situation.

I think whereas it can be fun to figure these things out for ones self, sometimes a little bit of guidance or a good idea can save a person hours work and wasted time.

How do you fund your channel?

I build custom staircases, tables and other pieces of functional art that clients would like. I earn some money with my YouTube channel, which helps pay for camera equipment and other cost associated with running the channel and producing the videos. 

Sometimes people donate  money to help me out with other running cost like gas, materials etc and on occasions brands have donated equipment just because they are nice people and want to help me, help you.

What is your current project plan?

I don’t have projects in mind, as such. I build one off pieces that inspire me and that people would like. I’m also interested to hear from you as to what you would like to see built. If enough people want to see it built, I’m more than happy to build it!

What is the best time to pressure wash the bark off a tree?

The best time that I have found to do this is from September through to May in a Canadian climate. The summer growth has hardened and the bark will come off leaving a shinny surface. This will of course differ depending on your climate and your part of the world.


About me


Hi There!

My name is David and I’m passionate about log building, and crazy about building one off log and timber frame projects. I decided it was time to quit my regular job and return to doing what I love to do… 

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