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About me

About David

I’m in the retirement phase, Canadian born, raised in the UK. Entrepreneur, traveler, and artist – currently on a mission to share my experience as a Log and Timber Frame builder!

How did it all start?

At age 20, I left the UK and returned to Canada for a couple of years, then spent a couple of years traveling before returning to the UK to take a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Deciding the UK was not for me, I headed back to Canada. 

I worked on the prairies as a farmer hand and did some traveling before finally buying 5 acres of land on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Whilst in Alberta I was able to help demolition one of the last remaining Alberta Wheat Pool building. Collecting the material from this amongst other source, I shipped it to my acreage on Vancouver Island and along with my new found girlfriend we were able to build our own home without a mortgage and little building experience. A truly Canadian pioneering experience.

For the following few years, I ran a home renovator business with my new found talents, before being asked by a friend to take his log building course. I built Log and Timber Frame homes as well as high end log and timber frame staircase for a couple of years before opening my a new business, “BC Log Stair and Rail” in 2000. My team and I made some crazy staircases that we shipped around the world and lead to more travel and adventures. Unfortunately, eventually I acquired an allergies to cedar dust had to step back from my passion. I have worked as a financial planner for the past few years, but working in this industry is not the same as being a full-time artisan. So, I have made a decision: to quit my career, and return to what I love doing again and share it with you! 

Becoming a log building artisan

In 2000, I received my companies first commission to build a spiral staircase that reached all 3 floors in the log home that was being built. Three of use worked tirelessly for 6 weeks to complete our first set of spiral stairs with  basic tools, limited supplies and a lot of ingenuity. The client then asked me to come to  Washington state to help install his spiral staircase. After this I was hooked. There is just nothing in this world as thrilling as building huge, one of a kind staircases.

After built many unique staircases over the years, I found a new passion! I decided to start making and creating videos for YouTube to share my knowledge with others. The channel grew quickly, but sadly I became allergic to the cedar dust and decided that it was probable not going to be good for my health to keep working with cedar and decided to shelved the business and YouTube channel for a while.

It was time to try something different. I had always wondered what it would be like to work as a professional in an office. So I did a 180 and went in a new direction as a financial planner. This has been a fascinating career  but the draw of working with wood is irresistible and so I have decided its time to go back to working with wood and making videos.  

What’s next?

After posting some videos about 8 years or so ago and still having a following, who are still loyal and asking questions on how to work with logs. I’m going to create more videos again that I hope you my viewers will find interesting and inspiring, and allow me to go back to creating full-time.

The Creations have only just begun…


About me

Hi There!

My name is David and I’m passionate about log building, and crazy about building one off log and timber frame projects. I decided it was time to quit my regular job and return to doing what I love to do… 

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