How to Build a Log Coffee Table Part 2 of 2


In Part 2 of  “How to Build a Log Coffee Table” we are going to take a look at how to cut the legs on the coffee table, drill the holes and the Drill bits that we use to do that. We will take a look at how to peel the ends of the logs so that they fit into the coffee table top. Also we will look at leveling the feet and some general layout of the project. Again we will need our ink line or a chalk line to do this.

After the table top has been turned over, I have laid out where the legs go. As this is a funky coffee table there is no particular place, so you will have to use you judgement as to the placing of these legs. Once the position is decided drilling the holes for the tenons to go into is done next. I usually tilt the legs out a few degrees so that the piece of log furniture has more stability.

After they are glued and screwed into the mortise, I then use a couple of sticks nailed to the ends and wrap to ink line strings around these to get a sight line. You could just as easily use a couple of pieces of string. Then lining up the two strings I can make a mark on the legs. Doing this from both sides of the table allows me to connect the dots and then I am able to cut the legs off at the same level. A quick sanding at this point finishes up the project and it is ready for a coat of finish.

Have fun building.

Very Important!

Two other thing that you need to remember,

1)  The technique shown in these videos are done by trained professional, if you do not have the experience or knowledge to use these tools please find a professional to teach you. We want you to be safe and enjoy making things.

2) Safety Gear should always be use, 40,000 people in the states alone are injured or killed while using Chain Saw, not to mention other tools. They could save your life, so be smart, get the right gear!



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