How to Build a Log Coffee Table Part 1 of 2

How to build a Log Coffee Table

This is a 2 part series on ” How to build your own Log Coffee Table”.

We will take a look at the kind of material that you can use in your log coffee table.  This table is going to be kind of funky and rustic and only have 3 legs. The material we are going to use in this project is Western Red Cedar, the table top is a slab from the butt or flare of the tree. The legs are just funky pieces of the same material that I picked up whilst I was selective logging.

Some of the tools that I will be using to do this will be the Chain Saw, a Japanese Ink Line, a 6″ Makita Power Planner and a Makita Belt Sander.

In part one we are going to look at laying out the table top, drawing a straight line on a curve and free hand cutting with the chain saw.

Very ImportantTwo other thing that you need to remember,1)  The technique shown in these videos are done by trained professional, if you do not have the experience or knowledge to use these tools please find a professional to teach you. We want you to be safe and enjoy making things.2) Safety Gear should always be use, 40,000 people in the states alone are injured or killed while using Chain Saw, not to mention other tools. They could save your life, so be smart, get the right gear!

9 thoughts on “How to Build a Log Coffee Table Part 1 of 2”

  1. Hi David
    you have a good eye and dimension in your head you are not a good wood
    handy men in my opinion your a artist&sculpter genie.i do woodwork as a hobby best regards Joe

    1. Thanks Bill, I usually use an 18″ mini pro bar as it has less kick and also because it is not as wide, so when cutting a scarf it turns in the wood a lot easier than a fatter bar.

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